Atlantic Group's 'Value Day': When business becomes more than numbers

Uveli su nove metode projektnog rada, razbili tradicionalne organizacijske strukture, educirali zaposlenike kako optimizirati potrošnju energenata u svojim okruženjima i osvojili treće mjesto u ovogodišnjem izboru najboljih regionalnih HR praksi! They introduced new methods of project work, broke traditional organizational structures, educated employees on how to optimize energy consumption in their environments and won third place in this year's selection of the best regional HR practices!
Just when we think that 'quarterly reports and business analyses' are the only measure of success and the guiding thread of a good part of employers, like a refreshing breeze on the labor market, a story appears about those who do things differently.
I tvrtkama koje istinski mare za svoje ljude.

Atlantic Grupa belongs to that select group of companies that are not focused only on numbers on paper, but seriously strive to improve the lives of their employees, as well as the community that surrounds them.
This is confirmed by the decade of the 'Value Day' project, a successful volunteer story that they modernized last year, taking into account the needs of their employees, but also the context of the time in which we found ourselves as a society.
Confirming the thesis that business does not have to be just a cold exchange of goods and services, but also a platform for real changes, the 'Day of Values ​​2022' impressed the audience (and previously the expert jury) at this year's HR Days conference.

In a short conversation, they brought us closer to the background and the guiding thread of the project, which year after year serves as inspiration and proof that the business world can move in a better, warmer direction, where people will not only be "resources" for the achievement of set goals, but drivers of success that are really appreciated and respected.

First of all, thank you for the recognition - it's always nice to hear that our efforts have left a good impression, especially among colleagues from the HR community.
Our 10-year volunteering program, Value Day, has weathered numerous challenges, from global political and economic uncertainties to budget cuts and the energy crisis. Therefore, in 2022, we decided to use such extraordinary circumstances to our advantage and try to modernize it, despite everything. I believe that we have succeeded in this, and this recognition is proof of that.
We wanted to educate our employees on how to optimize energy consumption in their environments, and to consequently reduce the pressure of energy price increases. We wanted to learn, together with them, how to be more sustainable citizens in our homes and work environments and thus build a brighter future together.
In order to be able to organize the 2022 Value ​​Day and for it to successfully take root among our Atlantikians, we introduced new methods of project work, broke traditional organizational structures within the company and established synergies with teams outside of Human Resources & Culture.

How did the employees react when you presented the idea to them, did they immediately embrace it and was it at least partly based on their suggestions, criticisms and suggestions?

This project was inspired by the fact that a significant part of our employees belong to households whose living standards were significantly affected by the sudden increase in energy bills. Then we decided that we wanted to do something, not only as a company, but as a community.
We wanted to encourage them to inculcate new habits in their everyday life in the long term, and the additional incentive was of a humanitarian nature, which was very well received.
Every resource optimization activity that the employees carried out and reported via the form was converted into euros with which they filled the humanitarian fund. Employees then had the opportunity to donate funds to a project of their choice that solves the problem of energy poverty in a sustainable way. This approach not only strengthened our internal community, but also encouraged each employee to contribute to the bigger picture of this project.
What were the "echoes" of the project, that is, how did it affect your business, internal processes, and employee satisfaction and engagement?

Our employees exceeded all expectations - both personal and project. Namely, with their activities, they collected and exceeded the expected amount for the charity fund, and the project was realized with savings of as much as 50% of costs. However, what is especially valuable to us in this year's Value Day is the power of the combination of different experts and points of view in our company, which resulted in greater value for our people, brands and Atlantic Group as a whole.

One of the goals of the project was bigger concern for the mental health of employees. Did the project achieve the desired results, and to what extent?

When we talk about mental health, we cannot fail to mention Cedevita's platform 'Be Good Be CE'. Her goal is to popularize mental health as a basis for a quality life through the motto 'Fresh dose of optimism'. Our colleagues from Cedevita's team were a key link in the organization, generating, among other things, quality content for Atlantik employees on how to maintain optimism even when it's difficult. Although we may not have directly measured their impact, we are aware of the importance of this aspect of caring for people, so it will continue to be an integral element of our future programs and initiatives.

Do you plan to continue with the project or is something new "cooking" in your creative kitchen?

Of course, we are proud to continue the ten-year tradition of the Day of Values, a volunteering project of our employees. What particularly pleases us and makes us proud is not only the continuity of the project, but its evolution. Value Day is no longer just an HR project - it is Atlantic's project. It is an initiative that breaks down organizational barriers, creates synergies that optimize resources and add value, and ultimately educates us all on how to build a brighter future. What we want to emphasize is that through projects like this we want to build a better future, not only for our employees, brands and company, but also for society as a whole. At Atlantic, we believe in real steps and concrete actions that inspire change.

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