ACG: "A real 'HR' project requires the involvement of the whole organization!"

The company ACG from Ludbreg was last year's winner of the Best HR Practice competition.

A month separates us from the beginning of this year's edition of the HR Days Conferencethe largest regional gathering of experts in the field of human resources, which will be held on March 19 and 20 in Rovinj.

In accordance with tradition, in addition to interesting lectures by prominent speakers, round tables on current topics, and interactive and educational workshops, the conference this year will offer a selection of the Best HR practice!

The application deadline for your new, original projects expires on February 20th, and in the meantime we remember last year’s winners of this valuable award.

Last year, a total of 20 companies sent their projects to the jury, and in the end, the first place went to ACG Lukaps from Ludbreg with the project ‘Who (would) not want to be LUMEN’..

What kind of project it was, what they achieved with it and how they look at the role and impact of human resources on the overall business of the companies told us Tamara Bukvić, Talent Acquisition Specialist of the company ACG Lukaps.

Last year, with your innovative project "Who (would) not want to be LUMEN", which you presented together with the head of human resources Mateja Magdić at the 7th HR Days conference, impressed our expert jury, delighted the audience, and finally won first place in the ranking for the 'Best HR Practice' award. What kind of project was it?

The project is related to the introduction and integration of new employees in the organization, at a very specific time in the development of the organization, which was marked by intensive business growth, construction and commissioning of new production facilities and intensive employment. The need of the business at that time was to recruit and hire a large number of new employees who will become independent and excellent in the shortest possible time. LUMEN is not just a project of the human resources department but of the entire organization, and this is exactly what proves that it is a real HR project. 

As part of this project, you have adjusted and improved your processes of hiring new employees… What have you achieved with this?

We have achieved faster and better integration of new employees into the organization, which is again, a prerequisite for successful business and employee retention. With the arrival of new employees, the organization is changing. Ensuring that someone "takes care" of new employees, especially in the production organization, is a real challenge, and with motivational tools, we have achieved that existing employees begin to perceive the induction process as crucial. The development of employees in production positions into mentors is one of our favourite elements of the whole project.

One of the main tasks of the HR Days conference and ‘Best HR Practice’ award is to systematically promote the role of HR experts in modern business and work on raising awareness of the importance of human resources management in organizations. How would you describe the impact and position of HR in your company?

We are happy to work in an organization in which we have the full support of the Management, which is an extremely important factor for the human resources process to be successful. ACG as a group recognizes the importance and contribution of HR as an indispensable function in the overall business and, accordingly, the human resources department occupies an important place in the Group. At times we are right and at times we are left-hand to business. 

We have stepped into a new, we believe successful, business year. What would you like to wish yourself and your colleagues from the HR community in 2020?

HR colleagues, just like everyone else, we want you to end each day with a sense of fulfillment, a sense that you are doing the right moves and projects! Such a feeling awakens in us LUMEN, and we believe that this is exactly what the audience recognized and rewarded at last year's conference. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the HR experts who gave us support and a voice after the presentation! 

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