Best HR Practices: Changes we want to see in the world!

After a lot of effort and a lot of hours spent, you have successfully implemented a project that has achieved everything you imagined. You have increased the level of employee satisfaction, improved processes that were 'coughing' and contributed to better business results. Share your project with the world and participate in the selection for the Best Regional HR Practice!

If we are to believe a humorous and during a (shorter) period of history, a happily used quote - no one is and cannot be completely useless. If for no other purpose, it can always serve as a prime example of how certain things should not be done.

Finding something that doesn't work, with the inevitable pointing of the finger at the "culprit" for it, is a tried-and-tested method of many. Focus attention on those who for some reason are not doing very well so that we ourselves can look better. Just as many people surround themselves with people weaker than themselves in order to appear stronger, better and more successful.
HR Days konferencija, najveći godišnji susret HR profesionalaca iz Hrvatske i regije koji će se najesen (20. i 21. rujna) ponovno održati u Rovinju, od prvog dana ‘vesla’ u suprotnom smjeru.

Instead of missed opportunities, we persistently talk about the great opportunities that surround us. Instead of mistakes and gaffes, we emphasize fantastic endeavors and the right moves. Instead of calling out failures, we celebrate successes. And we reward the best among us.

With this in mind, since 2011 we have been directing the 'HR spotlight' towards companies that have increased employee satisfaction, work quality and business results with their ingeniously designed, original and effective practices.

In other words, we award prizes for the Best HR Practices!

So far, as many as 269 great projects have passed through the hands of our expert jury (!), and although we often hear that 'everything has already been said and made up', the uniqueness and inventiveness of the applied practices manages to delight us year after year.

Since 2022, we have added a regional touch to the award, allowing companies from Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia to apply, and since then we have been declaring the Best Regional HR Practices!
If you are among the select group of those who designed and implemented projects that resulted in raising the level of satisfaction and engagement of your employees, modernized and improved processes, and put a smile on the faces of board members, share it with the HR community!

We invite you to present the HR practice you are (with every right) proud of and participate in the selection of the Best Regional HR Practice for 2023!

The application deadline is June 30th, and the five best rated projects by the jury will get a chance to present in front of the audience of HR Days conference, which will make the final judgment and determine which practice deserves the flattering title of the best.

Applications are made through the official website, and the TOP 5 best practices will win one free registration fee for this year's HR Days conference!

Become part of the society of good examples!

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